Minecraft Skywars Montage

  • Ayy. So, I created a Skywars montage a while back, so I hope y'all enjoy.


  • Quite quality (Recording wise, p smooth), music is nice, and 10/10 PVP lol.

  • Nice! :smile:

  • Nice video

  • i r8 8 out of 8

  • without even watching it i can review it:
    bad music (i bet it was dubstep, rock, country or pop. maybe trap) = gross because rap is the only good genre.

    bad pvp (because i've actually seen you pvp before and u aint vry good)

    IT WAS 1.8 (disgusting im kms)

    IT WAS SKYWARS (disgusting im kms)

    IT WAS 1.8 MONTAGE (disgusting im kms)

    IT WAS SKYWARRS MONTAGE (disgusting im kms)

    IT WAS 1.8 SKYWARS MONTAGE (disgusting im kms)

    i bet it was on hypixel. (yep, definately kms.)

    please stop advertising skywars 1.8 hypixel montages.

  • Yes very good.

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