SynchroCraft [FFA] [UHC] [DUELS]

  • Hello there folks,

    SynchroCraft is a network dedicated to providing fun, competitive gamemodes such as 1v1's, Hosted UHC's, UHC Simulator, UHC FFA, and more to come.

    Our server is located in Montreal Canada, which is hosted directly by OVH. The server has 3 owners on which are experienced with backend system administration and community management.

    All of our core game mode plugins are custom coded. SynchroCraft averages a good 80 players on a daily basis. (at the moment we don't have a good EU player base, which we hope to grow)

  • might check it out one day :")

  • @Faithivious Tell us something we don't know

  • Disgusting KB. Disgusting Hit Detection.
    Staff false ban without SS'ing whenever they lose.
    Awful because the server isnt toxic.

    not playing here again.

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