Can anyone tell me how to make a server?

  • Everyone on youtube does some really trippy stuff for a tutorial on how to make a server thats why I wanted to ask if a experienced owner could make a vid or at least instructions. Not would it also gain popularity if you do a video but you may gain players in result. Help a lad out!!! (Pretty sure many other players would want to see this as well)


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    why the random spiderman pic lol?

  • stop exposing me XD

  • I could not make a good video but here are my instructions

    It really depends on the size you want and the gamemode, for example (and I don't recommend thinking that your server will automatically be good) but if you wanted a relatively good sized server with a good amount of players you would first need to find a good server host(I recommend mcprohosting due to its reliability.) Afterwards you would need to buy a good plan(I recommend a good sized plan because of your server does get big it will need room to expand.) After this you need to hire good staff (DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY PROMOTE NICE PEOPLE WHO JOIN YOUR SERVER!!! THIS IS A HUGE NONO!!!) you will need to hire staff that you are SURE will stick with your server. After you do all this your server will take time to grow. I'm guessing about a year but don't let this discourage you, It will grow eventually.
    P.S. Your server will need to be unique, I recommend getting custom plugins made, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT MAKE A FACTIONS SERVER!!!! There are already way to many unique factions servers out there!!! It is like trying to become a big gaming youtuber! It is very hard because you have too much competition.

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    @Faithivious googling the picture doesnt explain anything lol

  • toooooooooooooooooooooo hard

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