Hiya! I'm Grayson!

  • Hellooo, I'm Grayson from GotPvP and Mineplex! I am currently 15 years old, and turning 16 in about two weeks. I am from Hokkaido, Japan and move back from Japan, USA, and Vietnam(trust me, I'm not a weab lol). Grayson is my American name, but go ahead and call me Mikito, Phuong, or Grayson. I am currently a clothing model for a store in Vietnam(my pictures are from the photo shoots).

    I use NameMC to look up usernames and to see the availability of some. It's very handy and useful. The way this website progresses is incredible! There are so many inprovements and I expect more surprises from the managers.

    I'm on social media, add me maybe?
    Skype: graysonmoon
    Discord: nosbyn (#5081)
    Snapchat: graysonmoon


    Have a nice day xd

  • Hi there! Welcome to the forums ^^

  • @BlueberryLeg Thanks!

  • Hey dude welcome. Have a nice day too !!

  • @mislight thanks xox

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