Thank you so much!

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    Thank you so much guys for 100+ monthly views and 30+ friends!
    Even though there are people with over 5000+ monthly views, 100 is a huge number for me. I just want to say thank you so much <3

    (Oh by the way, i don't use adblock, sh)

  • Congratz my child <3

  • @Sakvra Are you my mom or dad?

  • @Blamelesss Both ;;)

  • ......


  • @Blamelesss Calm down
    no need to be.. scared..

    1. get adblock, the website will be cleaner for you.
    2. Congrats!! <3 :smile_cat:

  • i have never realized the amount of space ads took until i turned off ad block

    and I also learned sharks have no bones

  • grats, congratulations!

  • @Faithivious kay, i am going to do it rn.

    Btw, how do i follow someone?

  • @Blamelesss said in Thank you so much!:

    @Faithivious kay, i am going to do it rn.

    Btw, how do i follow someone?

    Click the green thingy on someones profile,

    boom you're following them.

  • @Blamelesss


  • your welcome scarce

  • what the fuck im sitting here with like 5 views

  • before i started I had a total of 45 views
    now after I've been on here I have about 18

    but pls congrats I'm v happy for ya

  • @Faithivious Oooo, thanks! :heart:
    @Galactxc :)
    @GayEBoy I will if i was a girl
    @Scottysire wait what i can't understand you (yes, i really can't)
    @tooraretodie rip. +Ty :)

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