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  • PeachCraft Factions 1.8.9

    Peachcraft brings together all the great aspects of minecraft into one server. Our server is a factions server with great features such as custom enchants, particle effects, custom tags, playervaults and more. Our staff team is very reliable and dedicated to making the server the best for each and every player. Our donation ranks and upgrades are very cheap but will offer you that edge to conquor your opponents. We have a friendly playerbase with easy to follow rules
    and as long as you follow them you should have a great time. So if you're looking for a great server, join today.

    Our website is designed for easy access and use. Our website is Here you can find our staff applications, donation shop, forum post and connect with other users in the community. We are currently NOT looking for staff, however, you may apply. You can also find events that are upcoming. We do monthly events, such as PvP tournaments, in which you can win Crates, Ranks, Tags and much more!

  • @PeachDAboss Cool dude, good luck with your server!

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