Worst Experience at a Restaurant?

  • Some waiter forgot half my orders 🙃

  • waited half an hour for a waiter,
    or something i ordered didnt come, even if we told them again :"")

  • ordered w/ family and my dish took longer than necessary to come out.

    how much longer?
    the others finished and waited w/ me for my order to come out.

  • Well, me n my family went to eat, and we ordered. Then another family came and ordered, and got their food before us. They were already done eating when we realized that our food was in their stomachs. :(

    we waited for like 30 minutes...

  • they threw my bigmac away while i was in the bathroom and my friends did nothing

  • The waiter tripped and the food he was carrying splattered all over me.

    New clothes (made of spaghetti) yay!

  • hmmm

    we were at a ruby Tuesdays and i was in a booth and the people behind my had a baby and the woman was patting it then the baby had projectile vomit right on me, my phone and my food. i told the baby to fuck off afterwards. i was 10 :<

  • they didn't sell bisexual, transgender cis toasters.

    All seriousness, i had to wait ~1hr

  • There was too much ice in my lemonade like wtf hoe its already cold goddamn

  • We were at this like cool restaurant served by robots.

    The robot took the tray of food that we had.

  • A spider on my table
    I screamed HOLY JESUS and ran away

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