• hI so like i wanna just have a lil thing where I can talk to people and get to know them- (and myself) a bit better

    post some things down below you like or something about yourself we may not know
    then ask me a question!

    side note I may not be able to reply to things as soon as I'd like bc I have art class today and yeah I'll be home v late but that's o kay

  • @tooraretodie said in QnA:

    I have art class today

    even this kid has more fun classes then I do.

  • @Faithivious I have more time to do things bc homeschool but o kay thanks b love you

  • what's your favourite toaster brand?

  • @Whule all of them

    fun fact I ate an entire bread loaf in a span of 1 day
    bc good toast

    wh at about you

  • @tooraretodie i like the brand philips

  • @whule mm, toasty

  • What's your second earliest memory?

  • @5Hz I don't remember much but that would have to be going to a pizza restaurant and I couldn't get the pizza on my fork and I dropped it and screamed "shit!"

    I was 3.

  • do you have a double chin

  • @Scottysire
    announcer voice
    the wild nora is known to be very strange and will dance at random times, and do so horribly
    when it feels threatened, it will hide in it's own chins and pretend it is not there by holding a large piece of paper in front of them while turning to face a large white wall

    no I don't.
    but I do hide in my chins

  • Ok guys this may be a shocker but!
    I try to make good post but.. LOL

  • @pyrotechnic I lost you at "ok"

  • Date me??

  • @MattVape hmu bb ;)

  • @tooraretodie ooo babs

  • do u like chickennuggets??

  • @chickennugget823 sad to say no, I don't
    that's only because I have a pretty bad dairy allergy and I was forced to go vegan

    but I'm sure I would if I was able to have them

    pls don't hate ;;

  • @tooraretodie im crying. ):

    but, bc ur radical, i wont be mad

  • @chickennugget823 awh b.
    someday I might get over the allergy and might start eating meat n stuffs.
    don't give up all hope for me

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