im going to post a meaningful post today!

  • Today i'm going to talk about displacement reactions- metal displacement reactions.
    So, what are displacement reactions you might ask? They are reactions that replace a weak reactive metal to a stronger reactive metal.

    Ex. If you put magnesium into a 10 cm3 copper sulfate solution, sooner or later you will start seeing the copper slowly beginning to substitute the magnesium. Mg + CuSO4 → MgSO4 + Cu

    In more simpler words, the copper will substitute into the magnesium and the magnesium will go into the sulphate solution, making a colourless magnesium sulfate solution.
    Although, no reaction is seen if you do things the other way round – in other words, if you put copper powder into magnesium sulfate solution. This is because copper is not reactive enough to displace magnesium from magnesium sulfate.
    Diagram: alt text

    This is a diagramof the reactivity of metals: (excluding carbon)
    alt text

  • it's not shitpost if it's helpful

  • i thought i already have enough schoolwork to do

    god dammit whule

  • interesting

    too bad I'm not taking science this year :')

  • If you just copy it from another forum its a bad post.

  • @Pyrotechnic I wrote the dialogue myself but the diagrams i had to get from websites

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