Creating the Twitter for Minecraft

  • Being tired of Enjin and being a full-stack web developer, I decided to make my own system for my own server.


    alt text

    User profiles get created on join and showcase your Posts, Achievements, Bans and Followers.


    alt text

    When you follow someone by doing /follow [username] you will see their posts on your feed! You can also post ingame by doing /post [content]

    XP/Level System

    alt text

    alt text

    Users can earn XP by Voting, Earning Achievements and saying active. Every 1000xp earned levels users up.


    alt text

    alt text

    Leaderboards showcase the top XP earners. Users can view Global or Country XP leaderboards.


    alt text

    alt text

    Each achievement has 3 levels of difficulty, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each achievement earns you XP.


    The sites officially out and you can visit it by clicking here.

    To test the site you will need to do the command /login when you join a server on the CoreCraft network ( [1.8+]

  • seems interesting.

  • Oh wow.
    Hello pugs, didn't think I would see you here.
    This is Removable. I haven't played cc in a while.

  • Hey Removable! CC has had so much change for the better! We've been mainly focusing on developing our own systems and plugins which has been a lot of fun! OP and SE have improved a lot with the new online hub to.

  • @PugsForLife Might join back some day and bring Athelion back to ftop 1, once again :)

  • @Sonarize Theres Faction XP leaderboards for the new XP/Level system to! Currently the faction EnRaged is top with 31870xp lol.

  • @PugsForLife this is an unique site, the great thing is that I have not seen this on any other server! It's Twitter for MineCraft plus much more.

  • Holy sh!t This is amazing.

    I will be spending a lot of time with this :)

  • cool beans

  • Looks nice, specially the website design.

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