Could Some People Help Out? // Need Feedback

  • I know a lot of people in this community love Hypixel and love all their gamemodes and I guess I would like to feature my channel??

    I know.. I know.. I hate being those kids that beg there lifes for subs and say they will sub back, but im not about that. All im asking you to do is to check out my channel and give me critical feedback because I would love to improve. So if you like it like it and if you don't like it don't like it :P

    In addition, I play lots of UHC on hypixel and I'm thinking of starting skywars as well, and again feedback and opinions would be awesome! Enjoy the rest of your day.

    YT Link:

  • Feature as a YT on hypixel? or on here?

  • Okay
    Once I land.

  • @Faithivious I'm just asking for feedback for my videos, not asking to be featured just constructive criticism!

  • How do you make group chats

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