Core Factions! -Op + MC GTA! New server

  • I'd like to announced that my friend Cosmic_Knight has opened up a server!
    In the lobby we have the cosmetics; Fun teleport bow, pets, gadgets, mounts,
    hats, suits, emotes, particle effects and clear cosmetics.
    Following the choice of Factions:
    150+ Custom enchants + Sharp 6/ Fire ascept 4/ unbreaking 10/ ect.
    Custom Mobs & Grinding/xp
    Envoy/ Supply creates & much more to come! Some enchants are broken
    and still being worked on (These have been removed from game for now)

    Then we have MTA/ GTA / GrandTheftAuto/ MineTheftAuto / Minecraft GTA:
    Cops, gangs, drugs, killing, pvp, teaming, apartments & just pure violence.

    I personally Love and play the factions part of the server. Might still be in
    work and what not, but I love it. There is also a forums page for the serve,
    MTA store still in works BUT Factions has ranks. Top rank unlocks loads of
    OP gear, god apples, obsidian for bases and more. ONLY 30$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Come join me on factions. Let me know you joined. IGN: iiNesa-
    IP: Play.CoreRealms.Net

  • @iiNesa "Only 30$", for what you said all together or just separately?

  • @Faithivious Top rank on Factions.
    It's a once a day /kit.

  • ah
    Hope ur friends server works out :)

  • Lol it's whitelisted. Useless af.

    I actually thought I found a good gta server after 3 years.

  • @Pyrotechnic Someone forgot to enable anti cheat on GTA 3 and it got destroyed. Another server you may like is DayZ or zombie survival. is the ip, I play server 1.

  • @Bennesa I thought all the dayZ servers were dead. Ill be on there soon.

  • @Bennesa It makes me happy that there are still dayZ servers but I have seen this server before. It was a direct copy of duck's server and it angers me to see it alive when duck's died.

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