• To date, scientists have catalogued about 1.5 million species of organisms on the planet, with insects making up about two-thirds of this bounty, researchers report in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. But scientists have only begun to scratch the surface: Studies estimate the total number of species on Earth is probably closer to 9 million. Of the planet's wildly diverse collection of creatures, some 90 percent of species are reckoned to belong to the class Insecta. Reasons for insects' success include their tiny size, which both makes hiding easier and reduces overall energy requirements; wide diet of both natural and artificial foods; tough, protective exoskeletons; frequent possession of wings, which help them reach safety, grub and mates; and prodigious ability to reproduce.

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  • @Faithivious 0_1487610675478_download (1).jfif I think it's him

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  • Nobody cares.

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