MineCube Network Server BETA

  • Welcome MineCubians,

    We are releasing the new custom server MineCube, to the public for the first time! Right now one game is fully out and running! KitPvP! The 2nd game the team is working on is OP Factions. This will be our most popular to succeed game as the game is more popular in general. We need some testers. 1. You MUST be active on the server. 2. You are able to report bugs at our forums here: www.theminecube.enjin.com. We also need some builders, devs, and staff! PM me on enjin for devs, and builders: http://theminecube.enjin.com/profile/15960521. And for staff you can apply here: www.theminecube.enjin.com/apply. Anyways the server is still in high development!

    IP: playminecube.mcph.co

    Have fun and don't forget to be active on our forums!

    Your friend,
    JackyFTW, Owner of MineCube

  • Hmm
    I may try out the server

  • Sounds nice, but sadly it's only going to be the basic KitPVP and Factions :v

  • Those are the 2 games in planning. We will range from mini-games to our idea of "Space Skyblock" in the future. That's why it's not technically out of beta. As well as all games are custom made my dev's and my self

  • Thats cool :)
    How about Prison

  • Skywars will be in our mini-game section soon to come! And for Prison/OP Prison will probably be after the development of OP Factions.

  • This post is deleted!

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