Funny Puns and Jokes

  • If I had to speak in puns this would really not be a pun-ishment.

    I mean really, it wouldn't. How about we get started, after all we're already on a roll.

    What did the player say when he was acting in PVP Videos? Oh wait, forgot the punch-line.

    Did that make you laugh, smile at least? No? Will the next one is pretty good.

    What did someone say when someone slipped on a banana peal? I'm starting to see the appeal.

    I know i'm bad at jokes, I found some and heard some from others. I still have more jokes and puns.

    Why does no one use a dull pencil? Because theirs no point.

    My jokes are bad I know, I'm sorry--i'm always bad at jokes.

  • Nice jokes.
    I am worse xD

  • Nans got crocs

  • Idk any jokes rip.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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