Banned for no reason?

  • I was IP banned after my brother was hacking on the server. I was not hacking however and im on the same Ip and i can no longer play? HELP

    Brothers IGN was something like: K01

    IGN: Littleguy007

  • Well, your brother should've thought twice before hacking.
    What's your brothers IGN?

  • But how do we know that your not lying

  • I mean thats easy to say you're brother was hacking when it could of just been you.
    It's easy to say that but do you have any Evidence?

  • @inhale i could get my brother on the mic for you people that cant trust anyone

  • There in no integrity in that, if my sister was IP banned on a server ( She doesn't play computer games ) and I went on my account and got IP banned as well. Sure that's unfortunate but you have no evidence it wasn't you just on an alt.

  • I got banned for no reason.

    I think this one kid just hated my guts and got me a false ban.

    When i came back he said:
    "Did you enjoy your ban? ;)"
    "Yes... Yes. I. Did."

    (For a whole month. Yay).

  • o well RIP
    Hope u get unbanned ;p

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