Banned For Hacks

  • **IGN: Tattling

    How many days were you banned: 4d

    I reported like 4 hackers who were online and after they all got banned, I said " I wonder who is that staff" then he (Unknown) replied by saying " the one who is going to ban you?" then I got banned for 4 d. I tried to take a screenshot but there was no time. I tried to take a screenshot to show my screen that I was not cheating. The annoying part is that he never did /ping. I assume he didnt know that my ping was almost 300. He did not even ss me. I told me friend to go into the server and tell them to screenshare me atleast before banning me and it appeared that there are no staff online. I find it kind of weird that staff there do not screenshare when there is a suspicious player. They just ban and I am surprise that I got banned when I did not use anything. One more thing I want to say is that I have played on this server for many months and I have also been ssed multiple times and no hacks were found. It's just my ping. Also, I am an admin on a server so why would I even hack. Please tell him atleast to screenshare before banning suspicious players. Even if I had many players reporting me, I should not be banned. He should atleast spectate me and ss me if I was suspicious because I did not use bhop, aimbot, kill aura, etc **

  • Good luck with that Tattling

  • Thanks SquishyDog77

  • What I am asking for is to unban me and then ss me. If you found hacks, ban me again (perm).

  • I know this user really well, please unban him, he doesn't use hacks!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    This isn't the place to talk about your ban.

    @Tattling said in Banned For Hacks:

    What I am asking for is to unban me and then ss me. If you found hacks, ban me again (perm).

    SS in 2017 is pointless.

  • **How is screensharing in 2017 is pointless? There is always a trace. Would say I am decent when it comes to SS. There is always a trace whether it is on recycle bin, history, or last programs. Can't see how you are an admin when you do not know how ss works **

  • @mooshroom Well, I submitted a ban appeal and I did not get any reply yet. I don't understand why are you telling me that this is not the ban appeal section when submitted an appeal and did not get a reply.

  • To prove to you guys that I do not hack, someone uploaded a video of a 1v1 with me

    watch from 2:40

    You can see that my ping is so bad. I don't mind getting ssed. I got ssed on a server that has over 2k players. You can check my name history, it was "Tellings" before

    Also this video

    I know that staff won't care if a player gets false ban but I just want to show that this server false bans a lot of legit players

  • To be honest, I do not even care if got unbanned or not since my ban will last after 1 hour. I just dont like my history to be dirty or whatever.

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