labymod capes or optifine capes?

  • Labymod because you can make your own (Like optifine) but different for example

  • Optifine.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Real capes.

  • At least optifine sets some boundaries. But like @xeronsis said real capes are the best. Especially that cobalt cape doe.

  • I like Optifine capes

  • The world would be a real place without such imitations.

  • @5Hz such as?

  • optifine bc you can get some basic and creative ones xdxd

  • @GayEBoy Labymod and Optifine capes

  • I guess optifine capes could be cooler than minecon capes in some ways.

  • optifine be like


  • @GayEBoy

    optifine capes because people make ugly capes like the imgur in ur original post

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