• Well, Most of you know yesterday was Valentines Day. (The day I'm posting this was the day after.) I was really happy and having a good time with friends and stuff. I didn't have much people at school give me anything but. I'm really disappointed and sad at the same time. When I got home and I enjoyed myself playing Video Games, By the time it reached 9 PM I went on social media and check on things like the usual. When I attempted to talk with the person who I USED to like, Turned out I got blocked. I didn't know it was gonna happen, It just hit me in the face. She didn't go near me, talk to me, smile at me, nothing at all. I got really sad and depressed because I didn't understand what I did to her. I can't even start a conversation with her. How can I possible start one with her again. It's impossible for me at this point of time. I guess 3rd chances don't exist. Only 2nd do... I don't know what to do anymore. I know in the end, I need to give up and face reality. One day I'll understand.

  • Awh. Nadri, calm down. pat pat.

    Feeling rejected is a common thought/feeling for every human being. Don't feel like that girl is the only kid in your life who you like. 3rd chances do exist, friend. Understand that you'll literally not care one bit in a few years. Chill out and calm down.

  • @Faithivious Thanks a lot.

  • @Nadri WHAT RIPS :O

  • shit bro u ok

  • @Nadri awww cmon its ok, im subscribed to your yt channel. ;)

  • aww ):

    it's ok nadri <3

  • It's ok nobody likes me either ;d.

  • If I were someone who truly did care, I would abide with her/his wishes and move along. Their loss, not mine.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    another thread for attention?

  • Drop her, if you invest too much time and keep ignoring reality it's only going to hurt you more seriously. It's brutal but it's the truth.

  • @mooshroom sure I guess you could say

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