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  • What I see most out of servers which are closing down/have closed down is a server "running out of donations". If you offer good package rewards such as trails, crates, vote tokens, donator tokens, specialized kits, fun items, hats, pets & the list goes on. If you fill up your donator perks with as many (mainly non game changing items such as cosmetics) things as possible then you'll definitely get donations. I find it's never necessary to skimp on donation rewards as there are constantly new ideas and new resources put out every month filled with new possible donation perks. What you probably don't see as much but I suspect is a huge problem is the fact that owners cannot keep the money they get from donations and therefore fail to pay for the server. Many people waltz into owning a server not fully understanding the value of money, my advice is that as soon as you get the bare minimum to pay for your rented hardware at whatever host you use, then and then only do you start to spend on extras such as SSLs or custom builds, whatever it is you're trying to buy for the server. Remember, people from around the world have trusted you based on the promise that you will use most of the money to help the server, not yourself. One of the hosts I recommend for servers starting up is Fluctis Hosting. I used them a considerable amount when I started up and they always worked fantastically well. If you like you can check out my donation store here. It should give you some examples on what to add for donation perks, later down the line you can always get a handy plugin custom coded for $0-$30.

  • i aren't think that

  • Is this meant to be indicated towards the staff team or someone who wants to start up their own server?

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    Are you talking about BlockMania or just doling out random server philosophy? Nobody knows what you're talking about...

  • ur confusing me...!

  • @Choons blockmania

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    @33333333333333 said in Server Advice [titled edited by staff]:

    @Choons blockmania

    First of all, the server isn't released so none of this is relevant.

    Second of all, even if this was coherent, you copied it all from this page for some reason:

    Not only that, but you copied it in random pieces, one paragraph in each post.. so most of it is out of context.

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