Mineplex has really bad security

  • Mineplex is a really fun and cool server to hack, Mineplex develepors are the most laziest people in the world,they don't care about there server and what are they doing,they just waste people's money and making videos for money that's all they want to.Trust me Hypixel is much better

  • it's sad that its true lmao

    the moderators are extremely salty, and the devs could care less as long as they're getting paid something.

  • @Faithivious I hated that server,When I began minecraft alt text

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Please double check so that you're in the right category before posting. You posted this thread in Blockmania Network > Cheater Reports when it clearly does not have anything to do with our network.

    I have moved the thread for you but please be mindful of it in the future as I see you've made quite a few of these sort of threads. :slight_smile:

  • Haters gonna hate :3

  • I never was a big Mineplex fan :/ I play there occasionally with friends, but it's not a server I would consider even playing on that much. And the security isn't so great. And I've heard that from current staff and ex-staff.

  • opinionated.

  • My Opinion: I like to play on Mineplex because 85% of the people there suck at Pvp c;

  • Mineplex is my main server that I play on, but i totally agree lol

  • dev's dont care at all lol. they only do what they want to do. they dont fix any bugs/glitched when there are 1k people complaining about 1 bug. like srsly we dont need new fucking games we want the same games but fixed. We dont need new Maps. each game has enough ._. and mods are kinda salty lol, i got banned for a week for hacks bc i killed a 2 team of mods in UHC xd and it said "kil Arua"

  • Hypickle is ok, but minelpex is better

  • @Frogish Agreed :3

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