Understand building

  • It's hard to know what are you building on Mineplex/Hypixel ...Those builders need to work on there building skill

  • atleast they put some sort of effort/love into their builds

    but ngl, mineplex builds are far worse than builds on hypixel

  • @goldfishman172 True,but those building are piece of crap on Mineplex god...🤣🤣

  • Banned

    It's true builders like don't know how to build

  • Mineplex has a feature where you can build things now?
    I only play on hypixel, sorry if I look like an idiot haha.


  • This post is deleted!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    It's simple to criticise others, but not as easy to see what you could change to better yourself. Your grammar needs a lot of work, if it is actually you writing these odd sets of threads and they're not just copy pasted from somewhere else.

    As your thread is titled "Understand building", do you have any tips for these builders of Mineplex/Hypixel on how they can improve or did you just feel like being a jerk by talking down on people who are putting time and work into servers for free?

  • ;p
    These haters ;-;

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