bye for a lil bit

  • I have pinkeye and am going to vomit / eject homosapien feces right now but my parents are still pushing me to go to school
    And my dad is being an asshat and doesnt believe me
    But this yesterday night he kept on saying "you have a pimple in the eye stupid mathafacka ching chong put salt it helps fix it"
    *actually he didnt say the chingchong part im sorryy)
    So he smashed my keyboard and will get pissed whenever im near my pc
    so i wont be posting as often bc i'll be using my tablet lolrip
    if you want to talk or something, friend me on discord skrt#0806
    you can ask me for my skype or snapchat from there

  • Bye for now, kat!
    (Hope your parents get some sense into them, and your eye will feel better soon ^_^)

  • y u no get a ur asian not basian
    bye kat even though its not bye because i talk to u like everyday !!! <3

  • If u have Safari/Google just type namemc and post there ;D WIN WIN!

  • @SquishyDog77 I use firefox on my tablet and it works better than everything else imo
    I can still use my pc, I'm just at the risk of my dad being an idiot
    and my keyboard is at some uncomfortable angle rn because a bunch of things snapped off, but my keyboard still works

    i can still play, its just uncomfortable

  • @goldfishman172 I feel your pain I have the Flu.

  • k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  • @CLQIRE Lol same. I have to take medications.

  • @goldfishman172
    smh @ your dad

  • buhbye, i hope u feel better ;; <3

  • Bai bia biaiai
    sorry I'm late
    Hope you get better soon~!

  • B..bye? Well.. i'll be in your closet when you want more fun B)

  • Ik this is really late but MY DAD did the SAME thing lMAO with the keyboard and everything lMAO

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