josh / phanaticd pt2

  • went snooping around for a little bit, found more stuff on Josh and Lacey
    he will ban anyone who he dislikes, threatens to tell the truth about him, or diss his egirlfriend smh
    but oh well, more proof against him to show what a terrible person he is
    no, i'm not doing this for revenge on getting banned, i've known about the fact that he is a pedophile for about a year and now that i'm banned, i have a reason to reveal the truth about josh
    for my birthday, please somebody put this man to jail

    alt text
    Now, isn't the term "worthless" pretty harsh for a joke? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    alt text
    She didn't even tell anyone to call him a pedophile nor is as toxic as me - perhaps his egirlfriend hopped onto his dick?

    alt text
    Atleast lynx is telling the truth

    alt text
    What happened to all the autodetect anticheat bans?

    alt text
    Ah yes, rafael, he was a god

    alt text
    I thought everyone was to follow the eula no matter what

    alt text
    rip grove

    alt text
    The players are to not disrespect you, but you can disrespect them huh

    alt text
    Someones scared of the truth.

    alt text
    this is so stupid that i had to put it in LOL who uses a username like that

    alright lets get into the chat logs

    [2/11/2017 4:42:27 PM] me: hello
    [2/11/2017 4:42:45 PM] skypeusername: hi
    [2/11/2017 4:42:55 PM] me: how are you doing
    [2/11/2017 4:43:05 PM] skypeusername: You are nolife right?
    [2/11/2017 4:43:09 PM] me: yeah
    [2/11/2017 4:43:19 PM] skypeusername: What do you want.

    her tone suddenly changes im not surprised

    alt text
    opposite of chill man

    now what, are you going to just ask josh to ddos me?

    Of course not, I'm not like that. Btw I did not "threaten" to ban you. You were disrespectful. Truly toxic. That's not something I want on Josh's server, and that is not what Josh wants on his server. Like I told your little friend. You could have kindly apologized Josh and I, as I would have probably said sorry too. But you choose to continue to talk shit about Josh. In regards to Josh, our relationship just simply has nothing to do with you.

    1. you still ran back to your precious eboyfriend and asked him to ban anyone who you dislike
    2. ez
      alt text
    3. because it's the truth

    [2/11/2017 5:10:46 PM] skypeusername: So your basically saying that staff has been you for no reasons? All staff ban for reasons and I'm sure they banned you for a reason.
    [2/11/2017 5:10:53 PM] skypeusername: banned*
    [2/11/2017 5:11:12 PM] me: ................................
    [2/11/2017 5:11:16 PM] me: bruh
    [2/11/2017 5:11:42 PM | Edited 5:11:52 PM] skypeusername: That's it. End of conversation
    [2/11/2017 5:11:48 PM | Edited 5:11:58 PM] me: and why is that?
    [2/11/2017 5:12:04 PM] skypeusername: Because I have no reason in talking to you

    [2/11/2017 5:13:33 PM] me: you know practically nothing about me, smh
    [2/11/2017 5:13:43 PM] skypeusername: I don't want to know anything about you.

    Josh is definitely going to DDoS me, hack my gmail, my mc account, or something else when he discovers these posts rip
    hes already ddosed one of my friends :/

    edit: technically wouldnt he still be a pedophile for dating a woman under 18 while he is at the age of 24?? 7 years seems pretty messed up ; pretty much the same as an 11 year old dating an 18 year old oh god

  • @nolifexd (Idk why it quoted but eh)

    use these sites for protection NOT THAT KIND OF PROTECTION

  • @flutterbytes oh, how I love drinking vanilla milkshakes from latex cups!

  • @nolifexd well

    that was


  • This post is deleted!

  • @zaeu alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Faithivious Meh, I don't have the time for that, plus my parents would probably kill me

  • Lmao who the hell are they? @nolifexd

    Are they like:
    old friends, obnoxious staff, or what?

    Is there a thread before this about this dude? Link link link

  • @Kaytherine
    PhanaticD / Josh is the owner of a server called Hes been exposed as a pedophile multiple times and will deny everything.
    Laciz / Lacey is Josh's egirlfriend who most likely is only dating Josh for the money and popularity

    Lacey is the type of person to microwave her pet hamster and get someone fired when someone gets her the wrong brand of water ; shes quite a brat as you can tell

    Josh is plain rude and salty and only runs the server for money

    please, someone send this guy to jail

    add me on discord skrt#0806 if you want to discuss more, need proof, ect

  • @nolifexd
    This was my face while I was reading it

    But yes, I can relate.
    I dislike it when staff aren't actually "staff" (If that makes any sense).

    It's beyond aggravating. It's like rules do not always pertain to them. There are the biased punishments against those who are in favor. Oh, and there are the sensitive staff members who take words too literal.

    Screw 'em and their server I say.


    Whatta lost cause.
    I'm more than surprised they are adults...

  • oh boy oh boy

  • again, my name is josh oh shit

  • BlockMania Administrator

    didn't even have to read this thread to know shits going down

  • alt text

    alt text
    actually no they gave up on that

    alt text

    okay no youre breaking your own rules stop it omg

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