• IGN:LlON
    I like to make skins in my free time while hearing music.I am colourblind mild on green and red but i will not give up.I like pvp modes in minecraft.

  • @LlON Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. :)

  • I honestly don't think anyone gives a shit...

    listening* to music - yes you can hear music but normally you listen...

    Sorry, I'm feeling mean xD

    That's a trick, I thought you were Lion, but nooo, You had to uncapitalize an L to make it look like LION but it's LlON kinda clever, but you're no longer OG

  • HELLO!
    Ik u came to the forums a day or 2 but WELCOME!

  • welcome !!
    you've already make a few posts, but heeyy

  • uhhhhhh hi

  • welcome ~

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