Skins, tips & tricks

  • Below will be 5 things that you should think about when making skins. Warning; Opinions ahead!

    • Shading the skin of the skin
      Shading the skin of the skin can help the whole skin look a thousand times better. It just makes it look like you put more time into it. :bouquet:
    • "Calming" the colours
      Do not use the most "red-ish red" or the most "blue-ish blue". Make it more apealing to the eye, that way your skin will look better and it will probably look like you took time finding the right colours.:umbrella2:

    • Be creative with the hair
      Don't make it long just because, experiment! Make it medium, short, curly, anything! Just try staying creative and not just creating what you think everyone else would want. If you're making it with more natural colours (blond, brown red ect) try giving it shading using another colour, like having the blond have rose-ish shading.:sparkles:

    • Shading with colours instead of black
      Instead of darkening the colour try giving it a more blue tone, or red, or witch ever colour you'd like! This gives it a more detailed look, tbh I think it looks better.:comet:

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    Nice, but giving examples would've been nicer.

  • Nice ;) this will help me even more

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    all you need to do it go HERE


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