What Will Your Crafting Idea Be?

  • I know this post was already uploaded but I uploaded t again, and also you can't edit a post after five minutes of uploading it. It will be cool if you could make your own crafting idea, anything you'd desire. I would make a special item, that needs 8 obsidian, and one emerald. It can be used in various ways, like swords and pickaxes. That would be one desire I would add in Minecraft if I could. Though, anyone else ideas would probably be better than mine, I know my crafting ideas won't be good, and I despise that it won't be as thoughtful and good as all of you can probably come up with. That's one leap for ideas, and one compliment for snowman kind. (Because I made a custom snowman skin in Minecraft :P )

  • @AcrossTheWorld Meh, seems okay 👌

  • @Faithivious Thanks!

  • Makes sense xD YES!

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