What was your most nostalgic moment on Minecraft?

  • It could've been anything.

    My most nostalgic moment was playing with my two friends, Liz and Mandy, on a creative server. Alas, that was in early 2012, so I no longer know them anymore. What about you guys?

  • @jack_machammer When i first managed to get mods installed and I got Pixelmon on.


  • Hm

    When i used to play minecraft in the summer of 2012 // all the time and jave so much fun... I was a smol fetus just looking for something to do in life.. I had made so many friends I felt so close to.. Where I even talked about them even in irl. I know it sounds stupid, but when i left playing minecraft, i just stopped talking to people online.. Now look at me. I have literally over hundreds of people added on different websites.

    Just remembering how much I enjoyed myself.. How many people I dont even know play mc or maybe changed their name and idk even know that im talking to them by some chance.

    this was too long

    Got ANOther ONe

    okay so like
    i used to play this game called 'fantage' back in 2011 (which, i left the game about 3 years ago because i grew out of its kidish stuff),
    and I used to spend literally hundreds of dollars on it. I was so happy having all these rare items.. Which i honestly never had friends on there, since i was still someone who was afraid of the internet, lmao. The people on there werent the greatest, and they still are thirsty 13 year old girls trying to find an eboy bf lol. I had so many of my childhood memories because of it.. And i also had found something online that would make me happy, not bored, or such. I went to so many youtuber meetups, and friended all these gurus lmao. The servers were also so full and stuff

    Pretty sure the game is still up there.. But theres only like, one full server. Which ranges to less then 300 people, haha.

    ive never told that last one to anyone before, lmao.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    My best friend coming over and playing Beta 1.5. (2011)

  • My most nostalgic moment was when I was a noob and a player by the name of Num_Fing_3r asked me to base with her. Now that I have looked it up I think her account was cracked or I have the username wrong.

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