Minecraft Premium Not Work!

  • Hello Guys!

    I have problem. I cant login into my Minecraft Account. I think it was blocked, beacouse i havent got any e-mail from Mojang with password change... Thats terrible. I can t play Minecraft. Can u help me? Did u have the same issue? When i log into launcher it says: Invalid Credentials.

  • Try going to the official Mojang page: Here And, I think they're having some problems with the authentications servers. Try it later.

  • I'd recommend sending an email to mojang concerning your situation , I've had this happen to me multiple times and basically you must either give them your T.I.D or ask them for a set of questions to re-gain your account control. From what i recieved, the questions consisted of : Where was the account purchased? Which store was the account purchased from (MAYBE) , Which year was the account purchased? Which month did you purchase the account, anyway goodluck man, let me know if you get any success with your account or just DM me on twitter @carmahlmao

  • I won this account, and i haven`t got any T.I.D... It works for a 2 years, and now it fucked...

  • BlockMania Administrator

    There is nothing you can do. You will need to buy a legitimate account from Minecraft.net. Make sure you keep good care of the TID when you do.

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