What do you think about experiments now....?Is it cruel?

  • I watched this when I was like four and now i'm basically forever haunted from this video which is creepy.I am creeped and i'm never that creeped out at all.I dont lose my appetite but this is just plain disturbing :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEwbfnCpKA4

  • Cyka blyat.

  • I dont believe in it but its still creepy to watch however lol the time passes by.

  • I honestly hate you. I listened to that in like 2014 and was haunted by it but I forgot and now I remember it. :(

  • Whats the video about? I dont want to watch it, as for the answers here are pretty interesting.

  • @Faithivious If I told you it would basically be like watching it trust me you don't wanna know.

  • I didn't watch it...
    That's only because I don't have headphones right now and my parents
    are in the same room as me.
    (Hotel Room save me I'm on "vacation").
    I dun
    watch it .~.

  • Dang those 4 people in masks tho...

  • It's that one picture that makes all it seem all the more real. I heard it a few years ago and it certainly stayed with me; I'm actually a fan of it since it's pretty plausible and captivating. That is up until the end which kind of ruins it IMO.

    It never really happened, but nonetheless I wouldn't recommend it to anyone below the age of about 14 years. If you're into that sort of thing though, I'm confident you'd enjoy it.

  • Ok heres a disclaimer:its creepy.Dont watch it if you get creeped out even at the slightest dark hall or something.I got creeped by this when I was like 4 watching this.I wasnt doing full screen but i was looking at something else and listening.Lets just say that dont watch this,its about the russian sleep experiment...

  • @Pyrotechnic sry for dat.
    :( lol i get on the weird side of youtube pretty quickly....especially Dr.Pimple Popper and these creepy things just want me to watch it all of a sudden

  • I looked at the thumbnail and the suggested videos thumbnails and that was creepy enough.

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