is there a way to preview skins w/o uploading them?

  • i need a way to preview skins without uploading them.. all the ones that support Alex skins have grids that dont have a way to remove it, and all the ones that dont have a grid dont support Alex skins >~< i dont wanna upload it to my mc account because i need to check if i need to change anything and i feel like people may use it if its uploaded to my mc account, and if i do end up changing something idk it just doesnt feel right to me :p thanks

  • @maxipads idek what half this post says but you can just add it to your minecraft and if you don't like ti change it.

  • @maxipads have you ever tried this? it's a good program but can be hard to use. (: nevertheless i feel you should try it since the preview for skins is great and when you get used to it it's a great program.

  • On NameMC you can't... But you can view them in any skin editor program...
    Sorry, but I don't know what you're asking otherwise.

  • @lyvm thank you!! :> i was actually looking for that since i saw it in a video but i didnt know what it was called

    is there a way to get a staff to lock this thread since its kinda useless now nn

  • @maxipads glad i could help! ~ and i'm unsure, if i were you i would just wait or ask staff to lock it. c:

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