Relentless MC {Creative} {Survival} {Dynmap}

  • Server Name: Relentless MC Server Location: Canada
    Server Address: Version: 1.11.2


    Just Opened Creative Survival Hardcore
    Rules Do not ask for OP from any other owners it will take awhile before we can trust anyone Do Not Spam other servers do not build on others builds! Do Not Ask to be Co Owner or Admin right away you need to earn our trust before anything else Do Not Grief anything or will be Ban right away! Do Not Ask for any Staff to help you make your OWN builds, you here to show us your own Detail Do not ask to Rank up , it wont happen for awhile , takes time Looking for: Mature Players Pro Builders that take time with there own Detail Mega Builders , we want huge builds for say like Titanic or Minas Tirith Lords of the Rings We have huge city thats our main world we want builds in it for Modern Builds any ideas will go great way.

  • @Yukyo
    !! a survival server !!

  • @Faithivious le gasp!!

    you are useful owo

    Ima keep you now!! Get in the basement

  • I'll check it out :}

  • Cool

    Ill try it out

  • K ill probably be on soon.

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