Minecraft Updates (Like, Or Hate?)

  • Minecraft has had many updates, different features in pretty much all of them. Will what do you guys think, do you like the new updates or prefer the old ones better?

    Pros of new versions:
    . New updates have new mobs, and more structures.

    Not great things about new versions
    . Mods before may have not been updated in recent versions, and other glitches that we're loved had been patched.

    Pros of Older Versions
    . Lot's of mods come with lot's of dimensions, new mobs and such!

    Not so great things about Older Versions

    . New items, and mobs had been added in newer versions and better structures we're made.

    What do you guys think?

  • I think 1.7-1.8.9 are the best version but every one has different opinions

  • I like 1.8.9 and before they added a cool down to hitting people

  • I think they should go back to 1.8.9 and try again with 1.9.

  • when 1.10-9(ish) came out, I lost hope :<

  • I stopped playing the updates after 1.8.9 :/

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Beta 1.7.3 and previous versions before that is dank.

  • cave game was the best

  • I think it's unfortunate that so many people refuse to use the newest updates. I'm a big fan of them.

  • Many people dont update after 1.8.9 anymore simply due to a lot of servers becoming incompatible plugin wise. This is because they made a very small change that affected a lot of things... They decided to change the sound ENUMS in the 1.9 version and many authors for some reason haven't updated those enums or found their way around this. Also another thing is that NMS always requires different version for each plugin and this also causes authors to not update for some reason... So yeah... idk why mojang or spigot hasnt take this into consideration but anyways. Also there are a lot more reasons I can think of but yeah this is plugin wise why many people stick to the older versions

    Thx Pixl

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