MINECRAFT 1.12! Update 17w06a [and poll]

  • [EDIT: the poll options messed up a bit, here's what it's supposed to say:
    80 - VERY HAPPY
    20 - I MEAN... MEH


    I'll run briefly through all the new stuff, please say you're as chuffed and excited as I am! :D

    • Glazed terracotta blocks
      They're so cool and pretty, there's one for each minecraft colour and they all have different patterns!
    • Concrete powder blocks
      Basically like sand they're affected by gravity, they fall and stuff, these also have a specific colour. To craft you must use gravel and sand and then the dye in the middle!
    • Concrete blocks
      Made by placing concrete powder blocks by water, like how water turns lava into cobbestone or lava source into obsidian. These obviously all have colours too, they don't have such a grainy sandy look and they're not affected by gravity.
    • New textured wool
      Wool doesn't look much different, they're basically the same but they look more 'wooly' idek, but I think they're improved.
    • Minecraft colour palette update
      There aren't any new colours yet, but the current colours have a slight different hue saturation, they aren't much different but this will affect things such as Banners and Sheep.
    • Save toolbars in Creative Mode
      This will be very useful to creative builders. You can now save the toolbar/hotbar with Ctrl+Slotkey(1-9) and load them with Shift+Slotkey!

    Das ist sehr gut ja?

    What are your thoughts on this update, might be controversial but I predict the majority will like it:
    I'll make a poll :P

  • wait
    there's an update today?

  • Why didn't they stop at 1.8 :(

  • @Faithivious Sort of, it's a snapshot, not the official release but it showcases the new features
    you can find it in:

    'Minecraft Launcher' > 'Profile Editor' > 'Version Selection' > tick the box: 'Enable experimental development versions ("snapshots")' > 'Use version:' > snapshot 17w06a

    @Frogish So PvP noobs could get a better chance without hacks ;D

  • Owner

    @Frogish said in MINECRAFT 1.12! Update 17w06a [and poll]:

    Why didn't they stop at 1.8 :(

    To add more things.

  • I love it

    new darkest block for builders :DD
    and the new designs on those blocks :>

  • THERES AN UPDATE ?1?1?1?1?1 wow xD

  • @Choons
    I realize that xD

  • Great snapshots this time around, loving the new blocks. Wont really be using/get the chance to use them though as i dont really play any MC version above 1.8, atleast not yet.

    Grian made a video covering the new blocks: https://youtu.be/cee9er6Cq8s

  • **Snapshot 17w06a, it had lot's of new blocks, many, many, blocks. To be honest with you, I will give %100 for EXTREMELY HAPPY, sense all the new blocks will have so many more patterns and such, this snapshot--Loved update even, can be used in so much ways, it's amazing really. Think about all the new maps that can be created, all the new buildings. Like statues, or houses and such. **

  • Should have stopped at 1.8.

  • i dont play anything over 1.7.10, so idc :d

  • I've been playing 1.8.9 for a loooong time lol

  • The fact that 1.8 servers still exist makes me wanna kms.

    Meet me on pvp.vanillalegacy.com if you agree!
    1.11.2 vanilla PvP

  • ayEee some actual good blocks for building
    i'll miss you, coal block roads
    and also the bright green lime color

    1.10, 1.11, and all the updates in between are absolute trash though wth

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