-=- mc.SurvivalCraft.online -=- A mcMMO Semi-Vanilla Survival Server

  • Server Description:

    Welcome to SurvivalCraft!

    This is a no-grief PvP enabled freebuild server!

    We have Parkour, Spleef, PvP arenas and a massive world to build whatever you want!

    The objective of this server is to mine and collect resources and sell them at the server shop, when you save enough money you can use the money to buy in-game ranks! The server has a grief-prevention plugin in which the player can claim his or her land to prevent griefing and unwanted guests. They can add other players to their land so they can build together.

    The server has a team plugin where a player can create a team (similar to factions).

    The ranks we have to offer which are buyable with in-game currency are Builder+ and Architect. Each of them offer in game perks including kits and Architect with /Fly!

    We are currently accepting staff applications, if you think you have what it takes submit an application on the website!


    We hope to see you on the server!

    • Staff Team

  • Sounds interesting :thinking:
    Will check it out later!

  • @Faithivious Looking forward to seeing you on!

  • K I will get on there. It's funny how every time there is a server advertised on here I am able to exploit on it. Hopefully this one wont be the same.

    Edit: Nvm lol its 1.11.

  • @Pyrotechnic you don't play 1.11?

  • @Sand I don't enjoy it, no.

  • I'll hop on later today, good luck with the server. <3

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