Heya, I'm mislight.

  • Hey. My IGN is mislight, although most people just call me Lexi. I'm a 14 year old female from (Northern) England and I like tea; like seriously, I really do. Something that surprises one of my friends, I've never had crumpets. My friend constantly tells me I'm 'not a proper Brit'. I still haven't had a crumpet. My birthday is August 20th. It's great having my birthday in the Summer holidays because none of my friends are ever on holiday. My favourite colours are pine and blush. I'm a dog person.

    I'm a mineheroes.net moderator so you should totally come & say hi to me sometime. You can find me on Creative or SkyWars there. (I'm a bik loser awh). I'll probably be extremely active here since I have utterly no life and literally nothing else to do.

    Tbh, I'm quite a big Melanie Martinez fan. I enjoy P!ATD, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy and yknow THAT kinda music, aha.

    Anyway if you're reading this you're cute and you look nice today.

    P.S ily

    -mislight x

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