Here's The Answer, But What Was The Question?

  • Right, to play this you must look at the above user's answer and post a question to match. Then you give an answer for the next person. example:

    Xx_UseR1_xX: sponge
    MLGUser2YT: Who's a famous Bob? Green Lantern
    Itz_u5er3_playZ: What was the worst film ever made? Mooshroom

    . . .

    I'll start: Mooshroom

  • this doesn't make any sense

  • i dont get it

  • @Sphry @Faithivious He's stating the answer, and you have to give a question for that answer For example he said: Mooshroom So your reply might look something like "Who's the best admin?" because it can question the answer. Basically backwards Question and answer. After you state your question you say another answer. For example you say Apple and the next person would say "What's a red fruit?" and etc. do you get this eeee best way I can explain it <3


  • @Faithivious OH Tell bree to have a safe flight and you tooo

  • Glad to see this got off to a good start. :grin:

  • @5Hz ikr
    the question was.

  • Idk
    What's another word for dead

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