My thirst for this... :curry: :cape:

  • Just look at this...

    alt text

    How is that even legal, I DON'T HAVE ANY CAPE ;-;
    that's just OP

    do you know where I can buy/enter a giveaway for a cape code?

    also, who else is jealous? :curry:

  • that's insane o.o
    And no, dunno where you could enter a giveaway/get a code, sorry.

  • goals right there.

  • @J8N Marc is basically the universal standard for account quality.

    Got all the Minecon capes? You're ~0.65 marcs = 650 millimarcs.
    Got no capes but a nice name? You're ~200 millimarcs.
    Got a single cape but it's one-of-a-kind? You're ~750 millimarcs.

    Marc is 1 000 millimarcs = 1 marc.

  • @5Hz
    yah but the millionth customer cape is also fucking cool
    alt text

    not to forget the peng prismarine cape <3 _ <3
    alt text

  • Ya Marc is literally the rarest account, I'd say $ is but not in overall value like Marc, The 2nd most valuable account that I know of is Nobleman (All Minecon capes, Realms, and Cobalt.) Marc is a manager for Realms so that's why he has that one. As for Scrolls and the classic Mojang cape I'm not sure of it. There's also Kumasasa (Mojira & Translator), Fox (2011, 2016, and Cobalt), and Wam (All Minecon capes).

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Word on the street is Marc didn't even go to Minecon in 2011, lol.

  • @mooshroom proof?!
    if he didn't go to minecon 2011, I have no reason to live my life is a lie


  • @J8N I'd give akronman1 a value of ~780 millimarcs since they have the oldest (I think) one-of-a-kind cape.

    Drullkus gets a value of ~825 millimarcs because they also have the Minecon 2016 as well as mutual friendships with numerous well-known people on NameMC.

  • @mooshroom I guess that makes that means his account is more OG than he himself is.

  • @mooshroom ya he probably just gave it to himself

  • BlockMania Administrator

    alt text

  • @Xeronsis gimme!

  • @Xeronsis 2 hot for me.

  • I am jealous of @xeronsis cape

  • Rip.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm rocking that single minecon 2016 cape

  • @Orial I quote 185 millimarcs.

  • Owner

    @J8N said in My thirst for this... :curry: :cape::

    @mooshroom proof?!
    if he didn't go to minecon 2011, I have no reason to live my life is a lie


    He didn't go to 2012 either.

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