Craziest Experiences On MC?

  • uh i dunno if this post has been made yet. Tbh I think it has I'm just too lazy to check xDD

    I was with my friends ( @Sakvra & @Arisuu_ ) on a small server called BeanBlockz.
    Outta no where this girl tp's to us and says in our chat: muzu stavet s vami?
    And we're all like.
    the translation (even tho it's bad bc google translate ._.) You can build with you.
    I think she was saying 'Can I build with you?' or something like that since we were at a plot and y'know ppl are like: Can I help build?
    So I go to google translate and I start talking to her. The language she was speaking was apparently Czech so I just had to translate everything she said then translate everything I say to her.
    IT was like a good 45 minutes of just talking to each other and having no clue what the other said. Meanwhile my friends are like: OK WTH ARE YOU SAYING MAHN?
    The girl ends up being afk.. then I deny her from the plot bc she was getting in the way..
    fo' all yo lazies.
    Person was speaking Czech and i had to translate everything.

  • i had typed this story out recently but;;
    my air conditioning had blew up while i was in the middle of a quest (On wynncraft ;'^) )

  • i was pvping on a normal day
    when i heard a bang from upstairs
    i went to check

    turns out it was just me smashing my keyboard because i lost

  • hmmmmmm

    probably when i was on mineplex and some slut msged me and said "meet me here in 2 min" so i went there

    bitch had a naked skin and started having sex w/ me i think but i just left and exposed her to 50 people lol

  • one time my friend covered my best friends plot in lava and literally everyone in my friend group got so pissed off and we had this 'squad' thing and bc of that fight it broke up but we somehow remained friends lmAO
    it was really dumb ngl

  • creative chat wars are litttt

  • My friend got banned on Mineplex
    Not the craziest but the funniest

  • @SquishyDog77 tell me more.

  • So, I was playing a mod pack with some friends. I made a little private server for us. We made a bunch of stuff revolving around SkydoesMinecraft (This was mid 2013). I youtube dmed SKy the ip and he actually joined about a week later when we were on. This is my only Minecraft moment i can really remember besides buying my first account back in 2009.

  • One time I got banned from a server so I went on another server and got banned like 12 more times just on that server. Best part is I just got unbanned from the first server a few weeks ago.

    I got banned from it 2 years ago :(

  • @SquishyDog77

    hows that funny? everyone is banned on memeplex these days

    wait, you still play memeplex?

  • @Galactxc so my friends and I were playing Bomber Lobbers on Mineplex. My friend was lagging a bit and was flying because of lag. Since a mod was there she banned my friend. But the thing is.... that mod was my friend lawl and my friend was banned for 30 days

  • had the privilege of s.s. and saw the smut kids messaged to one another.


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