Universal Server!

  • Hello, I'm going to be making universal studios based off the one in Orlando, So I'm going to need builders, developers, designers etc contact me on here so you can get my skype and also proof you being able to build and develop etc! hope to see a lot of people contact me!

  • Haha so funny because I live near Orlando,
    But Good luck! I really look forward to all these 'Theme Park' servers people are creating nowadays.

  • good luck with your server! <3

  • @lydeaa I cannot build worth shit, although I've never really tried. If ya need a great, rule-abiding, kiss-ass awesome person, let me know.

  • Good luck
    I have no skype/etc
    Bad at building at stuff
    GOOD LUCK wkejnajkNljwnwae!

  • well if you guys know some good builders let me know because i need some people so!


  • oh WOWOWO
    Good Luck mah frand! <3

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