Launcher Bug - Help!

  • Hello,

    So for some reason every time I launch Minecraft (click the .exe) it redownloads like this:
    alt text
    This, in itself, is annoying but after it doing it once it usually works for around a day and then starts again. However, now when I do it it ends with this:
    alt text
    (Censored part of path is PC name)
    It won't launch at all until I fully re-download the launcher, and even then, the issue returns within a day. I've tried the .msi launcher and that also doesn't work.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Oh goodness. I've seen multiple people have problems with this today..
    I just tried it, but it's working fine for me...
    Just re-download MC? I really am confused, idk what to do about it..

  • @Faithivious Yeah the issue is coming for a lot of people since they launched their new launcher or something probably, it's very annoying and I already tried re-installing MC as I said.

  • @SquallyTheWally Try an alternate launcher, download it on :o

  • Off topic: hey squally :3
    On topic: Just delete the application completely, reinstall from Minecraft's homepage. If problem still persists, make a backup of .minecraft directory and try again.

  • @Mistri Hey bud,
    Yeah I tried that, I've literally deleted everything and just fresh installed Minecraft and it's working fine now.

    Touch wood

  • Sry
    I never had this problem in my lyfe. Wish I can help ;/

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