pet storiessss

  • I wanna hear your pet stories bc my doggo might die soon and I need pet stories like rn

    um when I was like 5 we were moving into a really small house and we had a cat and his name was Lucky (I have a picture beside my bed) and he was an awesome cat and me and my mom would sit and braid his collars every week

    he would sit on my head while I read or watched TV and then one day my mom let him out (we trusted him because he would always come back after like using the bathroom or or something but he ran off and never came back


    sorry for the long post :'''')

  • my cat peed on my brother's bed


  • @yikesnora said in pet storiessss:

    I wanna hear your pet stories bc my doggo might die soon

    you're making me cry ;;
    Okay so we let our older cat outside because he knows how to come back (Don't worry, he didn't run off +_+) And like, my dad was outside doing things at like 10-11pm cleaning out the garage or something, or I think he went out and came back or something--

    And it just happens that my cat was outside, y'know, perfectly fine. Now, we don't let our kitten out, bc we don't plan out letting him out ever, since he's an indoor cat. (Even though they're both supposed to be fluffy children who bundle up inside) But I'm pretty sure he would've followed him as he did this: But he came back, 11 pm, small rabbit in his mouth. Now I really don't think this was the first bunny he literally scared to death, but I swear to god, the poor thing was terrified. The bunny had probably run off since we didn't find him in the bush we put him it, so I'm pretty sure it was paralyzed or something \(. p .)/ (he dropped the bunny right in front my sisters car, which was weird since a week before, we found a dead rabbit in the same place.)

    tbh i cared more about that poor bunny then my lazy cat lol

  • @Faithivious yeah she's an old fat doggo who I've had for 7 years and she's getting really tired and doesn't wanna run and won't even come for treats so ;;

    poor rabbit
    probably had

    carpal tunnel syndrome

    Whoa, ah, oh
    We're so miserable and stunning
    Whoa, love songs far from the genuine becoming
    Whoa, ah, oh…

  • I had a pet.
    No pet today.
    It was a fish.

  • One time my cat was at the top of the stairs and since we have this ledge thing he went on top of it and just looked down. HE LOOKED SO DEPRESSED. He just stared at oblivion and he saw me notice and I was communicating with my eyes saying "Plz don't do it" and then he just slowly winked and jumped. I ran towards the ledge and he just looked up and meowed at me and just went away. 8/9 lives left I guess.

  • @Mannors that wasn't a cat

    "so that's where my soul went off to"

  • My friends dog is so fluffy it looks like a cat.

  • I have the best pet story ever... I never had a single pet before and get jealous when I see my friend's dog

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