Hey, I'm SoCool21

  • Hey, SoCool21 here. First played Minecraft in 2011, but only got my own account sometime in 2012, where I played McPvP for the first time (9th June 2012 was the exact date) and stayed a regular there up until it died shut down. I played CTF (mained soldier and ninja capping, I was in teams like The Plebeian Scum, The Paladins, The Blue Flaggers and am currently an ex-rep and council member in Unity), a bit of HG, but mostly played KitPvP, Maze Runner and Siege.

    Right now, I'm a HG mod on Brawl, and play a little bit of Wynncraft here and there. Another server I've played is Meepcraft, you might remember me from a very long time ago, where I was the richest non-donator (with 1.5 million meebles before the first reset). So uhh, hi, I guess.

    And don't ask about the name :V

  • Great to have so many MCPVP veterans here. Welcome SoCool! ;)

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