hi ! i'm a small potato who needs friends

  • what's up !! i make minecraft skins for fun >>
    i play on mineplex too much
    and i love eating strawberries

    here's a few questions for yourself:
    what's your favorite thing to do on your free time?? (my answer: read)
    who's your favorite musician?? (my answer: shawn mendes)
    what's your favorite food?? (my answer: strawberries)
    tell me your deepest darkest secret jk

  • Tf..You are like exactly like me o0o

  • @SpookyIsh ;o cool we can be internet twins .. if that's a thing <3

  • lol

  • How have I never posted on here? :0
    I assume you kind of know me now? xD
    I like strawberries too! <3

  • @BlueberryLeg yeah i kinda know you now <3
    strawberries are great imo

  • STRAWBERRIES. It's honestly one of my favorite fruit. But my favorite fruit is probably kiwis. Anyways, welcome to the forums! :)

  • I can be your friend :D <3 @lyvm

  • @lyvm ā™”I love you already!ā—•ā€æā—•ļ½” ā™”

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