Why are you continuing to play Minecraft?

  • I'm continuing to play Minecraft due to me not having not much games to play besides this... I do have an Xbox One but I gave it to my parents so they could watch YouTube, On Xbox I would play Call Of Duty and eventually I gave up on that game and came back to Minecraft. I'm not playing because it's "fun" I'm playing it because it's the only game I have and potion pvp is the only thing I "have fun" with. I do plan leaving this summer for CS:GO to play with my cousin since he pretty much quit Minecraft and went to play CS:GO. I may do the same in the summer.

  • Well.. I play MineCraft 'cause I need friends ;v; and uh.. Good luck and do that if it makes you happy! I DON'T MEAN IT IN A WEIRD WAY

  • i honestly have no social skills

    make friends you can talk to without physically talking to them !1
    Haha, really I have no idea ;;

  • friends ; going outside is a waste of time

  • i like being able to build whatever i think of. it's a good outlet for creativity, and it's a good way to kill time. it's also really easy to communicate ideas and to meet new people.

  • 'cos I like it.
    survive; build; build; survive

  • Only have MC
    My friends play on it!

  • I play for the times when I see things like this


  • Only game I ever had any interest in

  • because i'd have no life

  • Well, long story short.

    In early 2013, I met someone called Fraya, we had laughs an everything. Eventually, I had met a new friend called Lucy, Fraya instantly got jealous and always took me away from Lucy, to do this day which I'm grateful for. Me and Lucy a few weeks ago had a massive argument on Instagram about Fraya and why Lucy and I no longer talked. Ever since, Fraya has been my best friend an I will never quit minecraft until I get bored of it :o

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