evolution of my trashy skins

  • ye, decided to make a post showing how much someone can improve on their skins


    Early 2014

    alt text

    • fun fact, I got my needcoolshoes username from the fact that my parents wouldn't let me finish this lolol

    alt text

    • pretty self explanatory, I was really bad, made camouflage skins, and relied on that camo button for shading or really put no effort into shading at all.
    • I was a teamcrafted fan (rip setosorcerer :'( )

    alt text

    • some improvement, but not really since I just edited skins at this point

    Mid 2014

    alt text

    • started to make some skins from scratch but also made skin mashups
    • my first skin was that blue slime skin, I used it until around July as you can see by that extremely cringy 4th of July skin..
    • I played OmegaRealms at the time

    alt text
    what was I thinking

    Late-Mid 2014

    alt text

    • started to use that rainbow derp skin
    • actually made some skins by myself
    • one of my skins got on the top page, I freaked out

    alt text

    • I Typed Like This Because It Was Really Professional

    alt text

    • I'm honestly glad that I recorded much of my 2014 skins because of the nostalgia that goes with them :'^) My old screenshots folder got corrupted ;-;

    Late 2014

    alt text

    • meh


    Early 2015

    alt text

    • that skin on the right with the scarf and pink hair was considered top quality back then
    • the skin thats really blue got on the "this month's top" page once :^)
    • a bunch of skin steals

    Late 2015 - 16

    Late 2015 / Early 2016
    alt text
    female version of another skin

    • not too many uploads
    • a bunch of skin steals ; ^)
    • skin edits for my friends ex above

    Mid 2016 - Early Late 2016
    alt text
    alt text

    • barely any uploads
    • went back to making more simple skins that still worked well
    • made "okay" skins for 2016

    Late 2016 (when community.namemc popped up)

    • came back to skinmaking
    • "good" skins according to the 2016 community

    alt text
    probably my favorite skin lol


    Early 2017
    alt text alt text
    alt text
    -meh, i'd call these skins good idk everyone says they're amazing

    anyways this post was basically to show everyone how much someone can improve


  • Aaah, such improvement ;;
    I'm jealous of your hair skills uGH

  • @Faithhhh psshh

    I TRIED xD
    It was "okay"
    I like ur skins btw


  • grats they look nice

  • Most of those skins are better than any skin i could make. So....

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