Meanest teacher you have had/have

  • So i have had alot of mean teachers in the past years. but this year i have a really mean math teacher. I drew on a test and i got 100% on it but since i drew pictures on it i got a 75%. she yells at me 4 drawing and if we dont right down are shit homework somewhere we get a 0 on the homework. >_>. she also always talks about her fiance which is rlly annoying like this is math not science wink

  • [Removed by staff]

  • i had this really mean teacher in year 2, and i stole this red crayon once because i wanted to finish colouring in my picture at home, and my "friend" told on me to the teacher and she hit me with this rainbow stick thing that she uses to point to stuff on the whiteboard.

    the next day she was fired heh
    i will never take a red crayon ever again ;<

  • my 4th grade teacher would scream at us if we were a minute late to anything
    whether it would be coming to class, turning in a paper, etc

  • This on German person that kept on being racist to some random African American and called her a "Nagger" 5 times and for some reason he did not get fired : / for being racist

  • Kindergarten
    She was being so mean to me she wanted to use a student removal on me for no reason
    Good thing she left

  • My physics teacher is horrible.
    She always shouts every time and she loves to hurt everybody's feelings. She thinks that it is a joke but it actually hurts

  • @IISakuraII My physics teacher is a joke. He plays minecraft on his laptop in class..

  • My 2nd grade teacher she was a bitch like no joke she would sit me by myself and give me bad grades for no reason

  • The teacher I have right now is scary...
    twitchy eye and says "C'EST GOSSANT" a lot

    please help us

  • When I was just learning decimals a loonngg time ago, my math teacher will always embarrass me infront of the whole class for doing it wrongly or not knowing how :/ but now i'm doing advanced mathematics so he can suck my ass

  • @pyrotechnic what the hell did u say ;_;

  • @Sonarize ahahah my physics teacher is the old man, and he watches videos of little mix in class, but hes actually quite a good teacher :")

  • @Chipottel is there any sane phyics teacher, lol

  • @Sonarize lmao truE

  • @Hackplex Uhm idek what I said. :/

  • @Pyrotechnic well obviously it was bad

    and obviously the staff who removed it was who you were talking about

  • @Hackplex Maybe I said something and the staff realized that it was about them because secretly staff is a teacher and they didn't want me to expose them.

  • @Pyrotechnic literally exactly what i said just worded different

  • @Hackplex That's how you get your post count up.

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