How did you know Namemc ?

  • Hi :)
    I just here for ask one question to you : How did you know Namemc (like in the title) ? Namemc is now really famous and every people knows Namemc (I think so x3).
    I'm waiting for your answers ! :tomato:
    See ya.

  • Friend told me about it l0l

  • It kind of became the gold standard for finding old usernames of people, I found out about it as a server moderator and we used it regularly

  • I got curious to see who had my irl name, then got into HCF and got obsessed with good names, and it kinda just went from there.

  • I wanted to steal peoples skins lmao

  • Owner

    I found it abandoned in a dumpster so we dusted it off and threw it on a server.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I wanted to check someone's name history like in the time this thing was new, and I came across this website. It had a good interface so I just stuck to it.

  • I looked up someone once and it came up and I was like HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING

    Then they added the community feature a while after I found it

  • @Choons Yeh, I heard thats how they made Google as well. Its a shame that people just throw such good works.

  • I first used NameMC to view previous igns of players.

  • @Kaytherine Same.

  • i think i used google to search up name history, and then i found namemc

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