• a place of fun! amazing people and a beautiful commuinity! Endless and I mean endless fun! I spend hours each day grinding this server, why? because its amazing! The staff always help, the people there give you infomation. The owners a right lad and is really supportive what ever the situation!

    Gamertag "Naval_Command"

  • i love adverts.

  • @Faithhhh me too!!1!

    but i lowkey want to play because the name sounds cool lmao

  • Well you guys may think this server is something that everyone should be on, but it really is not. The Owner has stolen MANY things from his previous boss, DaddyMew, who still owns FadeCloud where SwiftSwamp, the owner of GlacialRealms, used to be the Co-Owner. Swift has tried to get away with stealing the players from Fade for months now and has not been able to. His server is made of banned FadeCloud players and toxic 'Swift' followers. Please choose wisely if you want to play on here or not.

  • @Faithhhh ikr

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