What's the worst thing that happened to you?

  • The worst thing that has happened to me is, around the age 11 or 12 I got an Optifine cape and my cousin and I wanted to play Badlion and my cousin found someone we could play with to do 3v3s. Eventually my cousin had to get off and it was only him and I left in the call. The person asked for account details, I asked why... He said he can get my "elo" up. I gave him my account details to my account and he took away my optifine cape BUT he was really stupid of not changing the email of the account. I was really lucky that he didn't do it. But eventually a really nice friend got me a cape :D

  • i ran into a wall

  • I quickdropped in a red rover, not once, not twice, like 25 times. I quickdrop infront of people that I've bragged to rip this is why I wear a plastic bag over my head 24/7

  • I played game named "Minecraft" or something like that, but it was a blockgame.

    Then I got IP for Hypixel..

    Next day I had cancer.

  • i had to walk up more than 6 stairs

  • Stubbing my toe

    These forums

  • i was ^^^^^ years old and i found out namemc had a forums page

  • Erm... I do get hurt every day but in a cringy way so idk lol

  • i was born.

  • I was born...
    actually, that's the worst thing that happened to everyone <3

  • @Chipottel omfg.

  • @iiGalactique lmAO its ok mommy <3

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